Thursday, November 28, 2013

The last 6 months

I have always found it amazing how time vanishes. Six months ago I was talking about continuity, and here I am today looking back in disbelief that so much time had passed. All I did back then was take a summer break. I thought to myself after five full months of math I would take pause for a month or two. And so I did.
To anyone looking at this blog I have abandoned my goal after less than half a year. But like an unknown function, just checking the endpoints will not tell you what is happening along the way. Therefore, I am a happy to record that I have been doing some Calculus behind the scenes.
On July 24, I receive a comment on this blog saying this:
You might be interested in
I followed the link and was blown away by what I saw. It was just the course I needed and I could do it through Coursera, the same platform I took my pre-calculus course.
The course is from Ohio State University and it features,I kid you not, the coolest professors I have ever met: Dr. Bart Snapp and Dr. Jim Fowler. Their lecture videos are short, clear and, more times than not, hilarious. I find it increadibly comforting to watch a video on a frustrating difficult topic that is explained with such weird, electric enthusiasm. I particularly enjoy Dr. Fowler's lectures, which are the majority, he is so intense and smart and lives math!
That is what I have been doing since the end of August. I got through 8 weeks of following the course and doing all my quizzes. I even took my fist mid-term. In all this time I have learned about, derivatives, differentiation, the chain rule, the power and product rules and L'hopital's rule. That's when I started to run into trouble. I didn't have a lot of time to practice more and the concepts started to gang up on me. I'm sad to say I could not keep up with the course since then. But a have continued watching the videos.
I have returned to this blog through a series of fortunate events. In the intervening time, I started taking a certification course in online teaching. I am on my sixth and next to last week. The assigment for this week: to create a blog or continue one that is already created. So here I am, I had planned to return in the middle of December to wrap it up but this feels better. It feels like destiny.
By the way, I just realized that the person who had left me the comment of July 24, was Dr. Jim Fowler.
Woah. Mind. Blown. Thanks, Professor.
Let me know what you think in the comments.